• Training starts again

    7 mei 2020
  • We can get back on the field!

    We do this with great enthusiasm, but Health and Safety are paramount.

    However, we will gradually resume training. At the end of each training week, the board will evaluate to see if we can intensify training contact moments.

    Below we explain how we start. The approach is in accordance with the guidelines of the KNVB and NOC*NSF and discussed and approved by the municipality and district of Amsterdam.

    Training with Zuidoost United during the corona crisis

    From Monday 11 May, our association will train together in the open air with players up to the age of 18. Hygiene measures of the RIVM should be followed. We work according to strict guidelines.

    •     Children up to the age of 12 are allowed to play sports or train in groups at the sports club. These children do not have the 1.5 meters distance. The training will be defying from Wednesday 13 May.
    •     For youth aged 13 to 18 years, they must keep 1.5 metres away during sports. For this group, the training will start on Monday, May 11.
    •     A new training schedule has been created. This annex shall contain this scheme.
    •     Only training sessions are allowed, matches/competitions and tournaments remain prohibited.
    •     Parents are not allowed to attend the sports park.
    •     Youth members come to the field in training clothes and they shower at home.
    •     Changing rooms and clubhouse are closed.
    •     For adults, organised sports training should not take place and no matches may be played.
    •     This limited reopening of the sport is provisional until 20 May this year. We have set up a training schedule so that the youth can train under expert guidance at Zuidoost United.

    We at Zuidoost United have the same pitches at our disposal as for the Lock Down So from the J013 the groups will be halved so that everyone can train once a week. The times of the start have changed slightly to distribute the crowds at the sports park in order to maintain the 1.5 meters. Important: use the times and fields reserved for your training courses!

    Access to the sports park:

    During the Concessionaris our players enter the sports park at the entrance to the Nelson Mandela park 10 minutes before the start of their training and do so dressed and all.

    Parents and carers should stay outside the sports park.

    For players of our Saturday 1 money a requirement of identification for this group it is only allowed for players up to 18 years of age to train. We also ask our members to come to the sports park in Zuidoost United. The players are met upon entry by their coach/supervisor who accompanied them to the pitch for the training Sessions When late the gate remains closed.

    Leaving the sports park:

    After the training, the spellers leave the sports park under the guidance of the trainer/supervisor via the rear fence at the height of the material loft.

    Important rules:

    •     Stay at home if you have a cold or flu.
    •     The clubhouse and changing rooms are closed Take your own water bottle filled with water.
    •     Parents wait outside the sports park.
    •     Follow the instructions of the trainers and board on.
    •     Wash your hands at home before and after training.
    •     Showering does everyone at home.
    •     Come right before practice and go home right away.
    •     Go to the toilet at home because only in very high need there is a toilet available on site.
    •     Also on the entire sports park we keep 1.5 meters apart.


    Training schedule:


    Day Team:  Time Field Dressing room Trainer:
    Monday Jo8-1  17:00 -18:00  1C  NO access By invitation
    Monday Jo9-1  17:00 -18:00  1D  NO access By invitation
    Monday Jo9-2  17:00 -18:00  1E  NO access By invitation
    Monday Jo10-1/2  17:00 -18:00  2E  NO access By invitation
    Monday Jo11-1  17:00 -18:00  1F  NO access By invitation
    Monday Jo11-2  17:00 -18:00  2C  NO access By invitation
    Monday Jo11-3  17:00 -18:00  2D  NO access By invitation
    Monday G1  18:15 -19:45  1A  NO access Arnold Mijnals/Virgil Wolf
    Monday jo13-1  18:30 -20:00  2A  NO access Jorginho Marengo
    Monday Jo13-2  18:30-20:00  2B  NO access Andre Cumberbatch
    Monday Jo15-1/2  18:45-20:00  3B  NO access Joseph Obeng
    Monday Jo15-1/2  18:45-20:00  3B  NO access Dennis Heyns
    Day Team:  Time Field Dressing room Trainer:
    Tuesday Jo17-1  18:15 -19:45  1B  NO access Rovie Persaud, Miquel
    Tuesday Zat 1  18:30-20:00  1A  NO access Gwendel van Riemsdijk, Sergio
    Day Team:  Time Field Dressing room Trainer:
    Wednesday Jo8-1  17:00- 18:00  1C  NO access Remon Daal
    Wednesday Jo9-1  17:00- 18:00  1D  NO access Luciano Azijnman
    Wednesday Jo9-2  17:00- 18:00  1E  NO access Remon Daal
    Wednesday Jo10-1  17:15 – 18:00  2C  NO access Rudolf Powel
    Wednesday Jo10-2  17:15 – 18:00  2D  NO access Op uitnodiging
    Wednesday Jo11-1  17:15 – 18:30  2E  NO access Bryan Bendanon
    Wednesday Jo11-2  17:15 – 18:30  2F  NO access Richard Coffie
    Wednesday jo13-1  18:30-20:00  3A  NO access Jorinho Marengo
    Wednesday Jo13-2  18:30-20:00  3B  NO access Andre Cumberbatch
    Wednesday Jo13-3  18:30 -19:45  1B  NO access Emiel Rozenblad
    Wednesday Jo13-4  17:00 -18:15  3B  NO access Jorginho Marengo
    Wednesday Jo15-1  18:45 -20:00  2A  NO access Jospeh Obeng
    Wednesday Jo15-2  18:45 -20:00  2B  NO access Dennis Heyns
    Wednesday ZAT1  19:00-20:30  1 NO access Gwendel van Riemsdijk
    Day Team:  Time Field Dressing room Trainer:
    Thursday ZAT1  19:00-20:30  1A  NO access Gwendel van Riemsdijk
    Thursday Jo17-1  18:30-20:00  1B  NO access Rovie Persaud, Miquel